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Policy analysis of the existing lay of the land, make recommendations for laws/policy changes, lobby for change of laws/measures/bills, demand for resources from city and state (and federal at some levels)

Back office

Support in the administrative business functions necessary to run and maintain the business (i.e. Accounts Payable / Receivable setup, Payroll, Permitting, Recordkeeping, Insurance)

Business Formation

Set up a business entity (i.e. sole proprietorship, LLC)

Business Incentives

Connect businesses to different incentive programs that encourages positive business engagement or behavior (i.e. tax incentives for hiring, tax incentives for investing in green infrastructure)

Business Planning & Strategy

Help businesses to define and design their business strategies in order to maximize their operational and financial success; develop a course of action to achieve business goals/objectives

Buying or Selling a Business

Support in strategy for buying or selling a business


Help businesses go through the process of getting certified, understanding what the certification process is, and the agencies one can become certified with; assisting in gathering documents


Give business owners instruction or advice to be able to understand all things related to their business; provide ongoing technical assistance and information to businesses on a range of different topics

Commercial Real Estate Assistance & Development

Support in getting a lease, purchasing a commercial space, or selling a commercial property

Contracting / Market Access

Support in creating proposals / Support in preparing business documents for contracts

COVID-19 Assistance

Provide updates to various COVID-19 city, state, and federal assistance programs (i.e. PPP); keep businesses aware of updates on COVID-19 guidelines & requirements; provide PPE

Financial Management

Train and educate business owners on various aspects of financial management (i.e. Understanding financial statements, how to read and use financial statements, break-even analysis, forecasting, etc.)

General Management

Guidance in general tasks, as it impacts the various operations of the business (i.e HR, procurement, financial matters, reporting, etc.)

Import and Export Assistance

Connect businesses to state, federal, and other resources that relate to importing and exporting

Internship Programs and Student Services

Connect students and young professionals to small businesses, via various city and state internship programs; involves recruiting, customer service training, and matching youth with local businesses or business support organizations seeking staff/capacity

Legal Assistance

Connect or provide small business to legal services, especially as is available pro bono (i.e. contracts, leasing, legal protection, etc.)

Licensing / Permitting

Connect businesses to the various agencies and tools, and provide assistance in navigating the licensing/permitting process when necessary


Educate business owners on marketing concepts and best practices; Expose businesses to various components of marketing and direct them to tools to execute; help set up social media, websites, and other digital communications channels along with overall marketing strategy


Make connections between small businesses, government, economic development organizations, consumers and beyond; provide education awareness about the importance of networking; provide spaces in which business owners can build connections

Office, Incubator, Laboratory, Kitchen and Meeting Space

Provide free- to low-cost spaces where business owners can get started, grow and better their operations while remaining compliant with local regulations; may provide networking opportunities and on-site technical assistance

Operations & Logistics

Support in the functions used by businesses to deliver a product or service (i.e. delivery, manufacturing, assembly)

Product Development

Assist business owners in developing ideas around the products being created from concept to market introduction; provide resources to sell, design and market products; support with legal and patent assistance

Regulatory Assistance

Share knowledge around needed business regulations, identifying resources, and navigating the process to acquire them, and give the tools needed to maintain compliance (i.e. Licenses, permits, certificates); -provide support to cut through governmental red tape

Research Data

Gather/Acquire new or existing data on economic development, market, retail and business trends in order to find opportunities to address gaps and identify ways to help businesses start up, improve, or pivot

Selling to Government and Corporations

Provide a wide range of services including classes and seminars, individual counseling and access to bid opportunities; can also provide insight on contract specifications, procurement histories, and other information necessary to successfully compete for government contracts; provide guidance on M/WBE certification in support of pursuing government and private sector procurement

Supply Chain

Provide one-on-one counseling to clients with supply chain concerns by regularly monitoring changes to, and trends from, the broader supply chain; work with clients to identify the potential impacts of those changes, if any, to their business operations; teach business owners about the supply chain process and their role in it, as well as how it may impact their business on a day-to-day basis

Tax Services

Provide insight and guidance through educational webinars/classes regarding the various taxes small businesses can expect to incur, the process of allocating for and making payments of taxes; connect small business owners to resources related to taxes (i.e. Accountants, Tax Advisors, CPAs)

Technology Integration

Help business owners understand how they can implement different technologies into their operations to increase efficiency; make recommendations on different softwares and technologies to use for the business (i.e. CRM, SaaS, Email platforms); connect businesses to technology/IT experts that can aid in the tech implementation

Workforce Development and Recruitment

Provide job-related support for businesses that are looking for staff and for individuals who are looking for jobs; provide candidates for businesses that are looking to fill job openings; develop skills for prospective employees to increase their likelihood of finding a job that can lead to a career; connect candidates to workforce development training