Repair Technician

This job has been expired


  • Assist the Superintendent in any repair, as necessary.
  • Provide light electrical repairs on appliances, fixtures, switches, outlets, circuits, etc.
  • Perform light plumbing work, at a minimum outside the wall repairs; this includes clearing stoppages, replacement of fittings, changing of deck mounts and replacement of other fixtures and fixtures parts.
  • Replace broken glass, tile, carpet, screens, garbage disposals, fixtures, appliance, and locks.
  • Assist in groundwork when necessary.
  • Assist in porter work, which includes: sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, emptying trash and cleaning windows.
  • Perform swimming pool maintenance as assigned by supervisor.
  • Assist with plumbing issues, work on floor and sheetrock issues, trace water leaks and check for bedbugs.
  • Assist with electrical issues and compactor room clean-up.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by manager.


  • High school diploma or equivalent credentials.
  • One to two years relevant experience in building repairs, including electrical, plumbing, locksmith and general maintenance.
  • Certification in operation of all fire department standards such as Standpipe with City Mains, Fire Drill Conductor, Maintenance of I side Alarm System and Supervision of Low PSI Oil Burner.
  • Proficiency in standards applied by the OSHA and Department of Health for kitchen operation, youth programs and congregate social service programs.
  • Proficiency in English required; proficiency in a second language preferred.
  • Ability to pass a physical skills test.
  • Valid drivers license preferred.
  • Pool operators certificate preferred.
  • Strong mechanical skills.
  • Strong communication and organization skills and the ability to work with multiple agency personnel.

Salary: $38k annually