Kitchen Manager

This job has been expired


  • Supervise kitchen staff including cooks, kitchen assistants, and delivery driver
  • Abide by Department of Health and OSHA regulations regarding proper kitchen hygiene and maintenance
  • Ensure that quality and quantity of food meet standards for meal patterns established by designated regulatory agencies (i.e. USDA, CACFP, etc.)
  • Purchase supplies and/or equipment, including maintaining appropriate documentation of purchasing decisions and forwarding purchase orders, packing slips and invoices to the fiscal department on a timely basis
  • Review invoices for accuracy and forward to fiscal department on a timely basis
  • Maintain inventory log on a monthly basis for all items, equipment and furniture purchased, transferred, traded in or discarded. Inventory logs are forwarded to the Assistant to the Executive Director annually
  • Maintain and balance office petty cash fund by collecting expense vouchers, reimbursing staff, and reconciling and submitting vouchers to fiscal on, at a minimum, a monthly basis
  • Maintain OSHA data sheets, training logs, office certificates, etc., to ensure site compliance with regulatory agencies,
    such as Department of Health, Department of Labor, etc.
  • Draft, copy, fax and file memorandum, letters and other agency documents
  • Maintain calendar, schedule appointments and arrange meeting rooms
  • Submit monthly progress reports to supervisor
  • Assist with the collection of documents for audits and submission of proposals. Deliver and/or pick up documents to/at BronxWorks offices, funding sources and or other agencies
  • Assume responsibilities of program assistant when necessary
  • Attend relevant BronxWorks and outside training.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned


  •  Bachelor’s degree and two years related experience required
  •  Proficiency in English required; proficiency in a second language preferred
  •  Proficiency in modern business communications including personal computers, electronic mail, voicemail, facsimile and copier equipment
  •  Valid Food Protections Certificate

Salary: $42k-45k annually