Client Care Coordinator

This job has been expired

Position Summary: 

The Client Care Coordinator Director will oversee and support CCC’s as they serve to improve access to mental health services in the Family with Children (FWC) shelter system and assist families that are homeless as they navigate multiple systems and cope with the stressors and anxiety induced by homelessness.

The CCC Director will achieve this through bi-weekly group supervision of CCC staff; conduct bi-weekly supervision with 11 CCC’s at your site; conduct site visits; participate in team meetings with CCC’s for support with difficult cases; review and sign off on new and existing DHS required/provided CCC documentation; oversee & schedule CCC provided trainings monthly at site level and throughout organization; calculate and submit monthly metrics to Client Care Coordinators by the 15th of each month; attend required CCC Managers meeting at DHS as scheduled; attend monthly supervision with Regional Director.


  • Complete a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment with each family to understand strengths and identify service needs

  • Provide short-term supportive counseling (not psychotherapy), crisis intervention, risk assessment, safety planning, and psycho-education for families and family members

  • Complete all appropriate assessments (mental health, substance use screen, etc.) with family members to identify needed services

  • Collaborate with ACS and/or preventive services agencies when a family is child welfare involved; participate in ACS conferences to advocate for the family

  • Based on assessments of family needs, conceptualize, create, and run groups that support health, well-being, and stability in the lives of families

  • Provide education and training within your scope of practice to social services staff

  • Facilitate quarterly family meetings with shelter staff to discuss planning efforts and progress

  • Identify, establish, and or strengthen linkages to community-based mental health, substance abuse, and other service providers

  • Make referrals to community-based organizations on behalf of family’s and act as family, program, and agency liaison to these CBO’s

  • Collect and compile data in accordance with DHS/BPHN standards and needs

  • Enter all appropriate case notes and other data in the DHS/CARES database system

  • Participate in interdisciplinary team meetings whose primary focus is to identify areas of focus for Independent Living Plans (ILP’s)

  • Identify and evaluate the services of community-based providers who clients may be referred to by the program; monitor client progress in these programs and make necessary suggestions and recommendations

  • Prepare for and participate in any and all internal and DHS client case conferences

  • Report incidents to the Shelter Director, as well as external regulatory agencies (such as ACS), as required by all applicable regulations and organizational protocols; contribute to investigations as needed

  • Contribute statistical data in support of internal and external reporting requirements

  • Prepare/submit case summaries and reports both internally and to regulatory agencies

  • Participate in: weekly or bi-weekly supervision with the Shelter Director and or DHS-provided LCSW in a group setting; weekly all-staff meetings; monthly Community (Residential) Meetings (some of which may extend your work day by an hour); internal or DHS client case conferences

  • Participate in the reporting, investigation, and documenting of all significant incidents to the Shelter Director, BPHN Executive Team members, and all appropriate reporting agencies (DHS, ACS, NYPD, etc.), as required by all applicable regulations and laws

  • Compile and contribute statistical data to the Shelter Director (or anyone s/he designates) in support of internal and external reporting requirements.

  • Respond timely to requests for information from BPHN, DHS and or any external entity in consultation with the Shelter Director

  • Enforce DHS/BPHN rules, policies, and guidelines by proactively outreaching and counseling clients

  • Assume all duties as required in the absence of the Shelter Director

  • Related duties as assigned


  • Education

    • Master’s Degree in Social Work from an accredited school of social work

    • Licensure (LCSW)

  • Experience

    • Working with homeless individuals, couples, or families

    • Working with diverse cultures and ethnicities

    • Conceptualizing, creating, and leading or co-leading groups

  • Related Skills or Knowledge

    • A Master’s Degree in Social Work from an accredited school of social work

    • Knowledge of child and adolescent development; emotional/behavioral health; mental health; parent-child relationships; family dynamics; and diagnostic classification

    • Expertise in strengths-based, solution-focused, and family-centered practice

    • Knowledge of guidelines, policies and regulations relating to child welfare, safety, permanency and well-being

    • Exceptional writing and oral communication skills

    • Ability to work effectively in a high-volume, high-intensity environment