Bronx Digital Equity Program Manager

The Bronx Community Foundation
The Bronx Community Foundation (BxCF), founded in 2017, was born out of decades of systemic and institutional challenges. We are the first and only community foundation in The Bronx, solely dedicated to delivering resources to the entire borough. We support and invest in community power to eradicate inequity and build sustainable futures for all Bronxites. Since 2020, The Bronx Community Foundation has been instrumental in convening The Bronx Digital Equity Coalition (BxDEC), which brings together organizations and community groups from across the borough to collectively address digital inequities and advocate for innovative, sustained, and community-generated solutions. The BxDEC was born out of the urgent need for deeper coordination and investment into technological infrastructure and support in the Bronx. The Bronx Digital Equity Coalition envisions a future where digital equity is realized in the Bronx and all communities can reach their potential through: ● Access to affordable, appropriate devices for all; ● Consistent, affordable, high-speed internet in every home; and ● Robust and accessible digital literacy and workforce development programs and support in every community.
This job has been expired

Position Summary: The Bronx Digital Equity Program Manager role is a two-year temporary position with an extension option. The Bronx Digital Equity Program Manager will manage and support The Bronx Community Foundation’s commitment to Digital Equity in The Bronx. The role will require an individual who possesses exceptional skills in strategic planning, research, and the ability to engage a wide range of critical stakeholders across various community organizations to build and develop a long-term and sustainable Digital Equity ecosystem in The Bronx.


  • Assist the Community Coordinators and The Bronx Digital Equity Coalition (BxDEC) members in identifying gaps, opportunities, and strategies, including convenings, meetings, and working sessions;
  • Work alongside partners and Community Coordinators to conduct the on-the-ground outreach, organizing, and support for The BxDEC to develop internal governance and leadership practices for long-term sustainability and community leadership, including all legal requirements to stand up to the BxDEC as a separate entity;
  • Collaborate with the Community Coordinators and partners to create a holistic Digital Equity Plan for The BxDEC related to a range of community issues, including housing, education, workforce development, and community wealth-building;
  • Create a directory of Digital Equity resources and organizations in The Bronx;
  • Helps to coordinate town hall events and Digital Equity training and education workshops;
  • Enlists academic, public, and private sector stakeholders for support, engagement, and partnership;
  • Oversees and ensures the recruitment and retention of ten new additional members to join The BxDEC;
  • Staying informed of developments and emerging trends in Digital Equity and educating the members;

Project Leadership:

  • Serves as the point person between The BxDEC and the community, including elected officials;
  • Shares progress, learnings, and feedback through regular interactions with BxDEC stakeholders and Community Coordinators;
  • Works closely with The Bronx Community Foundation staff to ensure smooth operations and manage all project logistics;
  • Oversees the work of the two part-time Community Coordinators and provides support in convening The BxDEC bi-monthly meetings, setting the meeting agendas, sustaining current membership, and recruiting additional members;
  • Manages, oversees, and provides reporting for current and future grant funding initiatives.

Communication, Documentation, and Evaluation:

  • Organizes community outreach efforts, community meetings, and partner convenings;
  • Implements program evaluations and regular reporting in coordination with The BxDEC stakeholders and other local partners;
  • Provides documentation and reporting to The Bronx Community Foundation leadership and funders as needed

Required Traits and Skills:

  • 5+ to 8+ years of experience engaging and facilitating gatherings (both virtual and inperson) with diverse participants
  • Ability to convey complex information to different audiences
  • Proven track record of community organizing and engagement
  • Demonstrated project management or group leadership experience
  • Familiarity with current technology, platforms, computers, the internet, and work management tools
  • Enthusiasm for learning about technology
  • Initiative and self-motivation, and a strong desire to grow
  • Strong interpersonal communication and writing skills
  • Possess deep listening skills and how to ask critical questions in a group dynamic is essential
  • Ability to work autonomously and effectively with little direction

Highly Valued Skills: Bilingual speaking, reading, and writing skills (English/Spanish); Knowledge of internet protocols not required (but enthusiasm for learning is more critical).