Starting Your Business


Give business owners instruction or advice to be able to understand all things related to their business; provide ongoing technical assistance and information to businesses on a range of different topics

Commercial Real Estate Assistance & Development

Support in getting a lease, purchasing a commercial space, or selling a commercial property

Legal Assistance

Connect or provide small business to legal services, especially as is available pro bono (i.e. contracts, leasing, legal protection, etc.)

Product Development

Assist business owners in developing ideas around the products being created from concept to market introduction; provide resources to sell, design and market products; support with legal and patent assistance

Business Formation

Set up a business entity (i.e. sole proprietorship, LLC)

Business Planning & Strategy

Help businesses to define and design their business strategies in order to maximize their operational and financial success; develop a course of action to achieve business goals/objectives

Buying or Selling a Business

Support in strategy for buying or selling a business