Quality Assurance Specialist (3639)



  • Collect statistical information from CARES, AWARDS, HMIS and other required databases to write and complete reports
  • Collect information directly from line staff and program supervisors necessary to compile required reports
  • Extract data from data sources to identify important trends and problems
  • Train new staff to use computerized data base programs
  • Present data findings in inter-agency and internal meetings
  • Interact with donor organizations on an as-needed basis
  • Participate in grant writing projects
  • Submit written reports and analysis that accompany data reporting and presentations
  • Provide quality assurance for case management input and charting in client based data systems including CARES, AWARDS, and HMIS
  • Conduct program audits
  • Program Specific Responsibilities
    • Perform additional administrative duties as assigned
    • Observe client database managerial reports on a regular basis
    • Report to the Program Director and Asst. Executive Director any issues with client records, including but not limited to, overdue service plans, contact lapses, poor or missing progress notes, and any staff malfeasance.
    • Collect and analyze direct client feedback to help gauge program performance.
    • Work with DHS to coordinate CARES access and provisioning for staff.
    • Maintain a secure, organized and accessible archive of program data.
    • Report suspected employee malfeasance directly to the General Counsel.


  • Bachelor Degree
  • Proficiency in modern business communications including personal computers, electronic mail, voicemail, facsimile and copier equipment
  • One year of experience in a social service setting

Salary: $55k annually