Artist In Residence


DreamYard programs develop artistic voice, nurture young peoples’ desire to make change and cultivate the skills necessary to reach positive goals. We believe that young people in the Bronx need a continuous set of supports to help them towards positive outcomes as they navigate their educational pathway. We have every expectation that through offering sustained and meaningful supports our youth will develop the necessary tools to become creative and engaged citizens, life-long learners and the leaders and innovators of the 21st century.


  • Performing various administrative tasks for the residence.
  • Being available to students at all times during your shift at the residence.
  • Mentoring students about personal and academic matters.
  • Knowing and enforcing the code of conduct and college policies.
  • Serving as a positive role model for students.
  • Ensuring that the residence environment supports productive academic work.


  • Good academic performance and participation in extra-curricular activities.
  • Self-disciplined and responsible.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

Openings: 3

Schedule: TBD

Job Category: arts and recreation, SYEP

Job Type: Virtual

Job Location: Bronx

Applicant Age: 16+