Building a Business

Business Formation

Set up a business entity (i.e. sole proprietorship, LLC)

Business Planning & Strategy

Help businesses to define and design their business strategies in order to maximize their operational and financial success; develop a course of action to achieve business goals/objectives


Help businesses go through the process of getting certified, understanding what the certification process is, and the agencies one can become certified with; assisting in gathering documents

General Management

Guidance in general tasks, as it impacts the various operations of the business (i.e HR, procurement, financial matters, reporting, etc.)

Operations & Logistics

Provide free- to low-cost spaces where business owners can get started, grow and better their operations while remaining compliant with local regulations; may provide networking opportunities and on-site technical assistance

Workforce Development and Recruitment

Provide job-related support for businesses that are looking for staff and for individuals who are looking for jobs; provide candidates for businesses that are looking to fill job openings; develop skills for prospective employees to increase their likelihood of finding a job that can lead to a career; connect candidates to workforce development training