The Jerome Avenue Revitalization Collaborative is an evolving partnership and services will continue to be built and developed throughout the life of the partnership.  Here are the services we currently offer:

Employer-facing Employment Network
(Workforce Development)

We provide area residents (based on zip-code) with direct referrals to jobs available through our agreements with developers, employers and partners.

A Local Business Hub for Employers
(Economic Development)

We provide local business owners and employers with direct technical assistance, resources and support tailored to their business needs, and leverage our agreements with city agency, nonprofit and private sector partners.

Grants for low-income individuals to complete workforce development training

As resources allow, we provide low-income area residents with access to grants for educational or workforce development training that they would otherwise not be able to afford on their own, or negotiate for no- or low-cost training slots for area residents.


We stand up with local residents, business owners, and employers by advocating for or against changes to the community that will meaningfully impact workforce or economic development on the Jerome Avenue Corridor.